prices range from $7-$36


fire roasted olive tapenade, anise seed crackers, mint, fennel

smokey duck pâté, rosé gelée, walnut toast

artisan cheese(s), local honey, nuts, fruit, crackers

crispy chicken skin, salt, pepper, buttermilk

house baked bread service, cultured butter, lardo



grilled green beans, walnut, ginger, crème fraîche, herb salad

wood roasted chanterelle mushrooms, basil, butter, charred corn grits

shaved salad of raw purple cauliflower, dates, mint, almonds & parlsey salsa verde

oven charred nantes carrots, dill, sesame seed, miso vinaigrette, almonds

grilled salad of peaches, radicchio, little gem, hazelnuts, sheep’s milk bleu



grilled washington oyster*, horseradish, rye crumbs

grilled alaskan octopus, roasted potato, garlic scape pickle, pimentón aïoli*

olive oil poached albacore tuna, cucumber, sweet onion, tomato, shiso

buttered dungeness crab, charred rice cake, tarragon

almond crusted halibut, charred scallion sauce*, roasted broccoli


meat & birds

bbq mangalitsa belly, green & red cabbage, fennel, celery seed vinaigrette

confit leg of duck, pistachio & citrus relish, charred chicories

applewood roasted magret of duck, fennel, cracked wheat, basil, blueberry

grilled heritage pork, dandelion greens, carrot relish, buttered flageolet beans

prices range from $7-$36