fire roasted olive tapenade, anise seed crackers, mint, fennel

smokey duck pâté, rosé gelée, walnut toast

artisan cheese(s), local honey, nuts, fruit, crackers

crispy chicken skin, salt, pepper, buttermilk

house baked bread service, cultured butter, lardo



wilted pea vines, toasty green garlic, dashi butter  

baked sunchokes, fried almonds, lemon, brown butter, chives 

grilled daikon rapini, radishes, brown butter vinaigrette, black sheep’s cheese

foraged & farmed spring green salad, black locust flowers, gruyere

grilled asparagus, wilted spinach, toasted sesame, dill, olive oil



grilled maro-ishi oyster*, horseradish, rye crumbs

grilled spring king salmon, butter roasted salsify, wood sorrel

fire roasted manilla clams, fingerling potato, charred spring onions, olive oil

buttered dungeness crab, charred rice cake, tarragon

almond crusted halibut, nettle green goddess*, roasted asparagus


meat & birds

grilled mangalitsa belly, fire roasted turnips, oregano, scoparolo

confit leg of duck, pistachio & citrus relish, roasted red beets

wood roasted magret of duck*, malted parsnip, kumquat, wild rice

grilled mangalitsa pork, green garlic, baby pak choi, buttered flageolet beans


prices range from $6-$32